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Meet Jaxen

Jaxen is the recipient of one of two scholarships given this year to travel to Duke and meet with the clinical team. 

Jaxen’s mom shared, "Jaxen wasn’t diagnosed with Infantile Pompe disease until 6 months old because Montana does not screen for Pompe disease. He battled hard for his life through his first two years and came out on top of every trial. He is the definition of proving doctors wrong in Montana, and we hope to continue that pattern as he gets older. He loves to fish, camp, be in the water, ride horses, play with RC cars, build legos, and play superheroes. He loves playing baseball, soccer, going skiing, biking, and doing water sports. Life hasn't been easy, but he is strong and thriving today and that's all that matters. We strive to give Jaxen the best that we can provide! Duke has been a dream we haven't been able to work out financially for the last 3 years and this year that dream is becoming a reality thanks to Grant's Giants scholarship! We are blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait to learn more about how we can make Jaxen's life even better!"

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